Cycling time trials, Wednesday 8th January

The road stage of the cylcing time trials will take place in the Waubra, Addington, Burrumbeet area on Wednesday 8th January.

The trials will begin and end at Burrumbeet and travel along the Ercildoune – Blackbottom – Waubra Beaufort – Harrisons – Edmonstons Roads as part of the trial.  These roads (and access to them from the major highways) will be restricted during this time.

The under 23 mens and womens trials are scheduled to begin from 9.00 am and the elite mens trials from 1.30 pm.

Recommended viewing points are:

a.  Burrumbeet Road, Burrumbeet.  All day viewing of start and finish of the trials plus on site commentary

b.  Corner of Harrisons and Edmonstons Roads, between 2.30 and 4.30 pm to see riders at full speed entering Edmonstons Road.