Our Vision

We want Waubra to be a place where we can work and play together.

We would like to be able to do this through our professions (work), through local community activity, through family linkages and through shared interests.

To make Waubra the place we want it to be we have plans for each of the following five areas:

Area Goal Action
Social Link with each other in the community Maintain sports activity Bi monthly community dinners Grow Waubra Festival Local youth events Celebrate 125th Anniversary of naming of Waubra (2013) Run annual “Farmer wants a wife” event Celebrate 100 years of current Waubra School (2016)
Built Provide the infrastructure for us to interact Better mobile telephone and IT connectivity Improved car parking at Waubra Hub Upgrade walking paths through town Solar hot water and PV at Hub Basketball ring at Hub Pergola at Cemetery with water tank Extend CFA shed to provide meeting rooms
Economic Build our local employment and economic activity Public toilet near gazebo Agricultural education / management events Link local business Promote local business (Waubra Website)
Natural Improve our local environment Extend tree avenues to Mark Street Lighting at Mark Street entry and in Waubra Heights Continue to reduce woody weeds Enhance quality and area of local vegetation Community Firewood Forest at rear of Waubra Heights
Leading Have effective local leadership Have all community groups meet as one Local events calender and newsletter (Waubra Website) Waubra Warriors in operation