Waubra Primary School

Waubra Primary School is a picturesque rural school that is located on the Sunraysia Highway. It has about 60 students, highly trained and experienced staff and excellent resources. The school has been an important part of the community since its opening in 1916 and Waubra Primary School is proud of its history and tradition and looks forward to the future with confidence.

At Waubra Primary School there is a strong emphasis placed on developing the literacy and numeracy skills of all students. The school provides a targeted approach to ensure the best possible outcomes are met for every child; there is a strong focus on student centred activities and the development of each child as an individual and a team member.

Waubra Primary School provides a continuing program of experiences for all children, which develops in students:

  • the desire to learn;
  • the ability to read, write, speak and listen;
  • an understanding of the number system, and the ability to use and apply basic mathematical operations;
  • an appreciation of the environment;
  • an ability to appreciate and express ideas through art, literature, film, drama, dance and music;
  • powers of critical thought;
  • the ability to use their imagination;
  • tolerance towards other ways of thinking, other traditions and beliefs;
  • a good self-concept and sense of worth; and
  • an awareness of the importance of keeping fit, healthy and safe.

Children are taught in multi-age settings where they are encouraged to work at their own ability level. Planning of programs is designed to motivate, support and extend all students.

For further information contact Principal, Lucy Loader on 03 5343 5358.


Waubra Primary School