Waubra Sewerage Scheme. In response to the risks to waterways posed by septic tanks, sewering of the Waubra township is now underway. This important project for the future development of the town will be operational in 2013.

Waubra Recreation Reserve Parking. Completed in 2013 these works by Pyrenees Shire and supported with flood remediation funds have provided regional class parking for major events at the reserve.

Waubra Netball Courts and Children’s playground. Built in 2012 with support from the Netball, Football and Lions Clubs, plus Pyrenees Shire, the new courts and playground are a fantastic addition to the recreation reserve.

Waubra Community Hub. Constructed in 2011 for a cost of $1.5 million this facility at the recreation reserve brought together all sporting groups and the pre-school into one facility, with meeting / event and social uses. The community contributed $400,000 to the buildings construction.

Waubra Wind Farm Viewing area. Built in 2010 by the operators of the Waubra Wind Farm, Acciona Energy, this facility provides excellent views and information about the wind farm operation.

New School Classrooms. Funded with $850,000 in nation building funds, new classrooms for the grades 2/3/4 and 5/6 classes were built at the Primary School in 2009.

Waubra War Memorial Spire. Supported through a grant from Veterans Affairs, this project by the Progress Association saw the names of 125 local people who have served in all the major conflicts recorded for all to see. The memorial was dedicated in 2006, with over 200 people returning to Waubra for the event.